Recommending Books to Some Disney Sidekicks | Disney Recommendations #5

Hello everybody! Today, it’s time for another Disney Recommendations post, this time featuring a few of the sidekicks. I’ve kept to quite a short list as I really want to do more of these and I’m starting to run out of categories, so I’m hoping I can split a few up so it doesn’t end as soon as it otherwise might. So if you’re wondering why a few of my favourites aren’t on here, that’s why! Onto the post!

Olaf– Olaf is my absolute favourite Disney sidekick, so obviously he is kicking off this list. I think he would love We Won an Island by Charlotte Lo, because it’s so upbeat and sunshiney, just like him, and it’s set on an island during summer- which is, as you’ll know if you’ve seen Frozen, essentially Olaf’s idea of heaven.

Meeko– as Sarah reminded me as I was choosing which sidekicks to include in this, Meeko is ridiculously underrated (I actually love all the Pocohontas sidekicks!). It’s been ages since I’ve rewatched Pocahontas (I really do need to!) but I kind of remember that the other animals don’t really like him, and so I think something like The Exact Opposite of Okay would be great for him, as in general Izzy is super confident and doesn’t really care if she’s everyone’s cup of tea.

Flounder– if you read the very first post in this series, you will know I’m not big on Ariel, who is Flounder’s Disney Princess, mostly because I think she’s really horrible to him. Thus, I think Flounder needs to read A Pocketful of Stars by Aisha Bushby- which has a storyline about a toxic friendship amongst other things- that I think he’d benefit from.

Abu– I love all the Aladdin sidekicks (even more so now I’ve seen the 2019 version, which has become my new fave film of 2019 so far!) , but Abu was the one that came to mind for this post because Feliks from the Prisoner of Ice and Snow books is quite like Abu’s human Aladdin and I think they’d be a fun read for him as it features very similar high stakes action in a completely different setting to Agrabah.

Hai Hai- I’m going to be honest and admit that Moana is definitely not my fave Disney, but Hai Hai was a highlight of it for me so he gets to be on here. My recommendation for him, as he’s quite panicky, is the Umbrella Mouse, because it shows that anyone can find courage within themselves if they want to and it’s a beautiful story.

Which Disney sidekick is your favourite, and which book would you recommend them? What are your thoughts on the books I’ve chosen? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x

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17 thoughts on “Recommending Books to Some Disney Sidekicks | Disney Recommendations #5”

    1. He is definitely going to be in a post, fear not! He came very close to being in this one. Pascal from Tangled is almost certainly going to be in one too, and maybe Rajah from Aladdin because the live action Aladdin is easily my fave live action remake from them.(I don’t count Christopher Robin as one of those so it’s not my favourite live action ever, but I loved it so much!) X

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      1. I’m having to talk myself out of writing the next one immediately already ๐Ÿ˜‚. I really love doing these so I want to keep doing them for at least a few more months ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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  1. So. Either I don’t know the sidekicks or I haven’t read the books for them, but I loved this post. Olaf would definitely love a book about an island, and Hei Hei needs something to help ease his panic (we call him anxiety chicken in our house)

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  2. I love Abu and Aladdin 2019 is definitely my favourite movie of the year tooo!! Also just a request: if youโ€™re gonna do this post again, can you include Simba and Mufasa too? I want to see what you recommend them!! (I canโ€™t wait for the live action remake of lion king)

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