Five Books That Remind Me of Vistas Songs

Hello everyone! Today, I’m doing another post in a series I haven’t updated in AGES, which is my books that remind of ___ songs, and given they’ve become pretty much my favourite artist this year, it had to be about the wonderful Scottish band Vistas, who I’ve been listening to pretty much non-stop since I found them in April. If you’d like to read my post about their album, you can do that here, but otherwise onto the post!

Radio Silence– Teenage Blues is from the perspective of a friend whose friend has just went to uni, and them promising they’ll support their friend even though they’re both moving on with their lives. It is beautiful and bittersweet and perfect for Frances and Aled, who face exactly this situation (albeit in a more complicated way)

Heartbreak Boys– this reminds me a bit of Everything Changes in the End, because it’s a song about being there for a friend during heartbreak, and that’s literally the plot of Heartbreak Boys, in which Jack and Nate go on a road trip together after they find out their ex-boyfriends have been cheating on them with the opposite ex. I loved this book- it made me literally snort with laughter at points- and that makes it even more fitting for this song because it’s my favourite from the album (and my favourite Vistas song, actually).

Don’t You Forget About Me– so, this is named after an EXCELLENT song as is, but the Vistas song it reminds me of quite a lot is Eighteen, from the Hello EP rather than the album. It’s about wanting to take a relationship back to when they were eighteen and happy rather than unhappy like they are now, and it’s PERFECT for this book about Georgia and Lucas, who have been estranged since leaving school and are now unexpectedly thrown back together 12 years later.

A Pocketful of Stars– the thing they say in this book is Tigerheart (and I’m 100% team Tigerheart forever, just for the record), not Tigerblood, but I think the general idea of both these is pretty similar. The message of them- in different ways- is about inner strength, and I love both a lot, which means they have even more in common.

The Mortal Instruments series– Jace and Clary suit Sign Language so well! I feel like that song is definitely about people meeting at a bar, and their first encounter is in a nightclub, plus it has a similar flirty, cheeky vibe to Jace. And it was the first Vistas release ever so I’m pleased I managed to include it here!

If you’ve heard any Vistas songs, what do you think? Do you have any thoughts on the books I’ve mentioned? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Amy x


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